Best Pentax K-7 Review

Here is the Best Pentax K-7 Review! The Pentax K-7 offers most of what was great regarding their long-underrated type of digital SLRs with a lot of updates and enhancements that should make camera buyers stand up and take notice.

Indeed, this launch on the Pentax K-7 might be a defining moment for Pentax, whose camera business dates back to 1952. Announced in 2003, Pentax's early digital SLRs were advanced for their day, but were plagued by an odd naming convention that kept them out of the mainstream unjustly, until recently, when cameras like the K100D, K10D, and their successors invoked the name of the legendary K1000 film camera whose life spanned 30 years of Pentax history.

Though the Pentax K-7 predecessor, the K20D, is a capable and advanced digital SLR, the K-7 makes a quantum leap, meeting the needs of a wide range of shooters who don't even know they need what the K-7 offers. The Pentax K7 also stands to earn praise from the Pentax fan base thanks to its new body design. Where the K20D was big and bulky, the K-7 is small and tight, something many Pentaxians missed from the early days of the *ist D.

The list of enhancements in the Pentax K-7 defies our ability to neatly summarize them with a few paragraphs or phrases, so we suggest that you read the whole review to grasp the breadth of what the K-7 offers. Enhancements include a reinforced chassis and body design, a completely redesigned sensor, an improved frame rate of 5.2 frames per second, the ability to capture HD movies at 30 frames per second, and an HDMI port to match. The Pentax K-7's 77-segment metering system replaces the old 16-segment design, and a 3-inch LCD with 921,000 pixels will sincerely please long-time Pentax fans, matching the best technology in recent competing designs.

Other, more revolutionary features include an Electronic Level function, which uses the Pentax K7's unique image stabilization system to actually rotate the sensor by plus or minus one degree to keep horizon lines straight. You can even shift the sensor left, right, up, and down to fine-tune your image with the Pentax K7 mounted on a tripod with the Composition Adjustment feature, a unique use of sensor-shift image stabilization technology.

As I say, there's a lot of detail that defies easy encapsulation into a few marketing slogans, so our only concern for Pentax is that once again their excellent digital SLRs and superb-quality lenses will be missed by the masses who won't take the time to do their research into why a Pentax camera might be a good alternative. But you're here now, so let's get down to the business of telling you why you might consider the impressive new Pentax K-7.
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fotograf nunta mengatakan...

Sounds like pentax k-7 is a great camera, I should probabily buy one

Website Redesign mengatakan...

Yes, the pentax k-7 has some great features on a low budget.

Katherine Appello mengatakan...

Excellent information. I find it ineteresting to read your article. This site definitely explains essential concepts to its readers. Thanks for continuing to write such wonderful articles.

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