Split Ductless Air Conditioner

Split Ductless air conditioner systems are equipped with highly advanced features and variety of functions for comfort and durability. Some of the features include, High efficiency, Toshiba compressor, system pre charged with DuPont SUVA R410A refrigerant, Quick install system, Pre wired for installation ease, full function digital remote controller with back light, smart LED display, super quietest air conditioner mode, digital self diagnostic process, microprocessor controlled, dual particle air filters, full installation kit, modern glass flat panel design indoor unit, auto defrost function, air circulation function, automatic climate control setting, dual louvers, swinging louvers setting, digital timer, auto restart, anti corrosion paint and coating.

This Split Ductless Air Conditioner warranty: 1 Year + 5 years on compressor. Dimensions: Indoor unit 43.25"x12.25"x8.25" and outdoor unit 29.75"x21.25"x10.25". all AmVent ductless mini split systems are equipped with the new quick install system. This system makes the installation of the AmVent units extremely easy.

The quick install system incorporates the following features, Pre-wired indoor unit, Pre-wired outdoor unit, Quick-connection terminals for the connecting the outdoor unit to the indoor unit, Pre-flared, flanged, insulated Line Sets - No need for welding or soldering, Pre-charged System - No need to charge the system, Complete installation kit and hardware. With these features of the new quick install system, the installation time is cut in half.
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I notice that the warranty on the compressor is 5 years, which is a long time. The compressor is usually the first item to fail and need rreplacing. Thanks for the information.

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Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us.

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