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Keywords have to be repeated multiple times on a site in order to generate high rankings from the search engine. Keyword research is key to your online business and marketing. Whether you want to know what your competition is doing, or how many searches a certain keyword gets a month, or if a certain market is worth getting into, you want to know about keyword research.

One of the most used tools these days used by most marketers and online researchers is the Google External Keyword Tool. To find this tool, go to the Google home page and type in Google External and Google will give you the prompt. Once you come to the page, there are two options, and you can check the radio box of either. The first is descriptive words or phrases. Here you can type in your keyword that you are interested in, for example supercasino, Google will then pop up a lot of data that you can use. As of this writing, for example, gets 18,100 searches a month. Obviously a hot topic.

There are a few things you can do here. Google will tell the searches that that keyword gets a month on average. It will also give you alternative keywords you might want to consider. For example, we can find out that super casino roulette, gets 46 searches a month.

So you can then go to Google and by typing in your keyword into the search engine, you can find out the competition. Following our example of super casino uk, we can see that there are almost half a million pages on the Google index that has keyword somewhere on the page. You can then see that to get your keyword website to a good ranking in Google might be tricky. What you want is a keyword to target for your business that gets pretty traffic, but has low competition.

Having a successful business online is about people finding you. And that entails going after keywords that get good traffic but have low competition so that you can get your site in the first page of Google so that people can find you and your online business, so that you can be successful.
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